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sealant n : a kind of sealing material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface (as a coat of paint or varnish used to size a surface) [syn: sealer]

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  1. Any material used to seal a surface so as to prevent passage of a fluid.


material used to seal a surface so as to prevent passage of a fluid

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A sealant is a viscous material that changes state to become solid, once applied, and is used to prevent the penetration of air, gas, noise, dust, fire, smoke or liquid from one location through a barrier into another. Typically, sealants are used to close small openings that are difficult to shut with other materials, such as concrete, drywall, etc. Desirable properties of sealants include insolubility, corrosion resistance, and adhesion. Uses of sealants vary widely and sealants are used in many industries, for example, construction automotive and aerospace industries.
An example of a sealant is silicone.

Types of sealants

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